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Education Justice Volunteer Opportunities

Afterschool Mentorship Programs

Bridge to College – (high school students)

Bridge to College is part of Homewood Children’s Village. The Scholar Project is an afterschool mentoring opportunity to help students with homework and help them develop self-awareness and group development skills through various activities. As a volunteer, you help high school students with their homework, as well as support staff with activities such as opening discussions, career/college preparation, and various projects.

(3-6:30 M-F, 1-5 day/week commitment)

Contact: [email protected]

Higher Achievement (middle school students)

Higher Achievement is an intensive afterschool program to help middle schoolers reach their potential academically. Mentors can volunteer 1-3 times a week to work with a group of 1-5 scholars from grades 5-8. You can choose to mentor in a variety of subjects. Higher Achievement will set you up with a group of scholars and provide the training and materials; you can also develop your own curriculum. Tutor for 1 hour session followed by 30 minute mentor debrief lounge.

(6-7:30 M, T, Th, 1-3 day/week commitment)

Contact: [email protected]

Assemble (students in grades 1-8 / all ages)

Assemble offers a variety of hands-on, STEAM (science, tech., engineering, arts, math) experiential learning programs. Volunteers can help with after-school programs for grades 1-3, 4-6, 6-8 or girls grades 5-8. They especially seek volunteers for craft/maker programs on weekends, Unblurred First Fridays on Penn and occasional craft stations at events around Pittsburgh.

(approx. 4-6:30pm M-Th, 1-4pm Sat.; some weekends, hours vary. 1+ day/week)

Contact: [email protected]

Programs Addressing Poverty

Circles East Liberty (families below the poverty line)

Circles is an anti-poverty organization in East Liberty that partners individuals within the community with those living in poverty in order to provide them the tools and support they need to get out of poverty. There are volunteer opportunities to cook a meal for a Circles meeting for around 40-60 people as well as opportunities to provide childcare during the meetings.

(6-8pm, T)

Contact: [email protected]

Food Justice Volunteer Opportunities

Food Rescue/Food Distribution Programs

412 Food Rescue

As a volunteer you rescue un-sellable but perfectly good food from food retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, universities and other food providers who would otherwise throw it away, and immediately redistribute the food to community organizations that serve those in need. You can do this on your own time by following “412 Food Rescue” on Facebook. When 412 Food Rescue’s app is released in the coming months you will be able to log on to volunteer that way too.

Contact: [email protected]

Jewish Relief Agency

As a volunteer, you are part of a large monthly effort to get food to people in need. You pack boxes of donated food, and deliver them (by car) to families and individuals around Pittsburgh. End time is approximate and will vary depending on the delivery route/number of deliveries you make. The more volunteers there are, the faster the boxes are packed. You do not need to be able to drive/deliver to come and pack boxes, however, drivers are needed. You can choose the route/number of deliveries that is most convenient for you.

(9-12, one Sunday/month)

Contact: [email protected]

Food Access/Gardening Programs

Pittsburgh Farm Crew

Pittsburgh Farm Crew aims to create a community around the growing farm & gardening movement in our city. Connect and make friends at one of our monthly potlucks. Support local, community agriculture by volunteering with us each week or whenever you can. Learn about where and how to expand your knowledge of all things green in Pittsburgh. As a volunteer, we connect you or a group to a garden/farm site. We can work with groups to coordinate volunteer days.

(Our opportunities limited in winter).

Contact: [email protected]

Grow Pittsburgh

Grow Pittsburgh is a local urban agriculture nonprofit. Their mission is to teach people how to grow food and promote the benefits gardening brings to our neighborhoods. Grow Pittsburgh teaches gardening and cooking in schools through the edible schoolyard program. They manage three garden sites: Braddock Farms, Shiloh Farm and Frick Greenhouse. Additionally, Grow Pittsburgh provides support for existing gardens through the Garden Resource Center. As a volunteer, we connect you or your group to a garden/farm site. We can work with groups to coordinate volunteer days and times.

Contact: [email protected]

Just Harvest

Just Harvest works at the local, state, and federal level to take action to end hunger and poverty in Allegheny County. You can volunteer to help advocate for change in our public policies and public institutions, help people in poverty access the assistance programs, public benefits, and healthy food they need, or organize our communities through education about the public policies that create hunger and poverty and provide opportunities for political action.

Contact: [email protected]