Seattle-based leader to promote partnership efforts

After six years as executive director of Hillel at the University of Washington, Rabbi Will Berkovitz has joined Repair the World as vice president of partnerships and rabbi-in-residence.

Berkovitz, who began his career as a journalist in Seattle before entering Jewish communal work, has led pioneering efforts to raise the profile of service and civic engagement among young Jews.

“I want create pathways for people to move through their lives with meaningful service as a deep value,” Berkovitz said, describing his vision of a Jewish community in which serving others is seen as essential element in a meaningful and engaged Jewish life.

As vice president of partnerships, Berkovitz will be leading Repair the World’s efforts to build relationships between those in both the Jewish and secular worlds working to make investments in service. Berkovitz has already begun work on an innovative new partnership with professor Noam Pianko to develop Jewish-studies curriculums with professors across the country focused on service, civic engagement and social justice in the Jewish tradition. He is also working with Hillel to create Repair the World campuses that strive to make a deep commitment to service and civic engagement.

“Will’s long involvement with service and his experience in bridging the space between the Jewish community and secular service world has already been a real asset for Repair the World, and we’re looking forward to having him on board full-time,” said Jon Rosenberg, CEO of Repair the World.

Berkovitz is looking forward to sharing his experiences with a broader community. “I would not be a rabbi today were it not for my experiences as an undergraduate doing international service work in Kingston, Jamaica as well as domestic service. Those were defining experiences in my life.” he said.