Presidential voting day is Tuesday, Nov 6: do you know where your voting registration card is? If not, have no fear – that’s what National Voter Registration Day is for! Tomorrow, September 25th, people across the country will be making sure their registration is up to date, and many people will be registering to vote for the first time.

Voting is one of the most important acts of public service anyone can take on – a chance to put your check mark where your values are. And believe it or not, voting is also a Jewish issue. The Talmud states: “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted” (B’rachot 55a). Pretty ahead of it’s time, eh?

There’s nothing sadder than arriving to the polls on voting day only to find out you’re not actually registered. Luckily, registering is super easy – it only takes about 5 minutes, including finding a stamp to put on your envelope. So this voting season, make sure you’re registered to vote. And check in with your friends and family to make sure they’re registered. Then take the next step to help others in your community get registered. Here are some great voter registration resources to point you in the right direction:

  • National Voter Registration Day  Register or volunteer with #925NVRD and help to reach each tens of thousands of voters who we could not reach otherwise. Sign up to receive email or text reminders so you won’t miss election dates!
  • Rock the Vote A one-stop shopping site for all things voter registation: register, get involved as a volunteer, and discover some great new music along the way.
  • GottaRegister: This super user-friendly site gets you registered and ready to go in no time flat.
  • Head Count: An awesome site to plug into to register, or volunteer to help register other people at live concerts.
  • This is My Vote The NAACP’s voter registration site lets you register, learn more about voters’ rights, and empower vulnerable communities to make their voices and votes heard.
  • Jewish Council on Urban Affairs Illinois residents can help make sure all voters get a fair chance to vote by volunteering with their Get Out the Vote campaign.
  • Get Out the Vote (Jewish Style): This packet, which was created in collaboration by the Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox movements shares the Jewish perspective on the importance of voting. Published before the 2004 election, the booklet is a wee bit out of date – but there’s still a lot of interesting and useful information for today.

Are you registered already or planning to get registered tomorrow on National Voter Registration Day? If so, holler at us on twitter at @repairtheworld and help spread the word!