According to a recent article in JTA, recycling of plastic bottles is on the rise in Israel – thanks to a public awareness campaign, and an increase of collection bins spread throughout the country.

Recycling, of course, is not the cure-all for environmental issues. Wherever possible it’s best to not consume something new or unnecessary (ahem, plastic water bottles) in the first place. Still, it’s an important first step to raising people’s consciousness about environmental responsibility.

Work to increase recycling in:

    • Your home. Recycling at home is easy with a bit of planning. Find out what types of recyclables (glass, paper, tin, plastic) are collected in your neighborhood and purchase or make bins to make sorting super easy. If you happen to live in San Francisco or Toronto, your local government collects food and yard waste to be composted too, so be sure to set aside your food scraps!
    • Your neighborhood. Contact your local representatives to let them know you support increased recycling facilities in your hometown. Or write an op-ed for a local newspaper to help garner support for better neighborhood recycling. Best yet, teach one person how to sort their recyclables. It’s not always as intuitive as it seems!
    • Your school. It can be difficult to convince a high school or college administration to take on recycling. Up your chances of success by holding an awareness campaign amongst the students to raise support. Find out how here.
    • Your office. Like school, the office can be a tough sell for recycling. Before proposing that your coworkers start sorting bottles and cans, find out what type of recycling pick up (via your building or a private company) is available to your office. You’ll have a better chance of convincing your boss to go green if you’ve done a bit of the legwork.


Check out more ideas on how to raise awareness about recycling in your neighborhood here.