Sometimes stories seem too wonderful to be true. Case in point: the “I met you in the rain in 1972” missed connections post on Craigslist that set the internet abuzz over the last couple of weeks. But when it comes to Francine Christophe’s story, we are inclined, with every bit of our hearts, to believe.

In the video below, which is part of a larger film project called HUMAN by Yann Arthrus-Bertrand, we learn that Francine is a survivor of the Holocaust with a remarkable story to share. A story with a wildly improbable, but glorious ending. Francine’s tale offers a clear-eyed glimpse into the magnificence of the human spirit, and demonstrates the power of helping others, even in the most dire of situations.

Check out the video below, then learn more about HUMAN on its website or Facebook page. There are many other amazing stories to discover.