The Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service is coming up quickly! We’ve introduced you to three of our pre-conference delegates/conference attendees already – now for something a little different.

Meet Rachel Fine. For the last two years, Rachel has served as a Repair the World fellow and education justice team leader in Detroit. Next year, she’s joining Repair’s staff as Teen Engagement Associate. So exciting! Here, she takes a minute to talk about how she got involved with Repair the World, how Repair will be participating in the conference, and what she’s most excited about. Read on…

How did you first get involved with Repair the World?
I got involved with Repair the World after college because I was looking for a non-profit organization that spoke to my passion around social change. After two years with this awesome organization, I am excited to be transitioning from the role of fellow to “Teen Engagement Associate.”

How are Repair the World’s Detroit Fellows participating in or helping to facilitate this year’s conference
Our national staff has taken on the lead on planning, with our support. We are hosting a Jewish Delegation Summit to start out the conference at our space in Southwest Detroit. Later that evening we will host an America’s Sunday Supper event. We are hosting multiple sessions at the conference, as well as tabling during it. We will also host a VIP reception at the end of the conference!

What are your thoughts about this year’s conference being held in Detroit?
I’m excited for the conference to be held in my city because I think it is an important time for people to be coming to Detroit. Living in Detroit for the past two years, I have seen changes happening right before my eyes in every way. Volunteerism and service are a crucial part of this evolution because they are an important piece of the “social change” puzzle. It will be great for others to tap into this movement.

Why is it important to have a Jewish delegation meet up at a service and volunteering conference?
Repair The World strives to make volunteerism a meaningful part of Jewish life based on the Jewish value of tikkun olam. For me, a huge part of my identity stems from this idea of community building through creating relationships. I have chosen to give my time to service in Detroit through a Jewish lens. The Jewish community has a unique, diverse make-up. Jewish people play a part in altruism in anything from community based work (like what I do), to the philanthropic side. No matter what role a person plays in serving the community, it is important to understand who, what, when, where, how, and why the service is being done. What better place to process this than at a conference for volunteerism and service?

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