Here at Repair the World November is Gratitude Month – a month dedicated to giving thanks for everything we are grateful for. (It’s almost Thanksgiving after all!) It is also the first month of Repair the World’s Community Fellowship program.

We will be introducing you to our whole team of fellows – awesome people serving and working in cities across the country – soon. In the meantime, we reached out to them to ask: what are you grateful for? Their answers, which we will share throughout the month, might just inspire you.

Today’s Repair the World’s Community Fellows are grateful for: COMMUNITY.

Repair the World Fellow: Amalia Mark
Location: Baltimore
Working/Serving: with Incentive Mentoring Program (IMP), which matches under performing high school freshmen with a network of volunteers. The program has a 100% success rate – all of their students have graduated from high school or received equivalent certification.

In Amalia’s words: I am located a few streets away from the central branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. The building is absolutely beautiful and offers an extensive array of books (unfortunately, this is not always a given in a library). Walking into the building for the first time, I started to feel grounded in my community. Libraries are my second home and I’m so grateful to have a well circulated, gorgeous library within walking distance. I am particularly grateful to the kind librarian who allowed me to check out six books on a temporary library card instead of the cap of two.

Repair the World Fellow: Ariel Nathan
Location: Baltimore
Working/Serving: as a success mentor in an elementary school. She works with 7 kids who are at risk for chronic absenteeism, making sure they get to school, and being a mentor and friend during school hours. The program is a new initiative run by Baltimore’s first ever Chief Service Officer.

In Ariel’s words: “I am grateful for the people who are serving in Baltimore with me. We are a great group and working really well together! I am excited to get to know them more and have many opportunities to collaborate with them throughout the year. I am just supremely grateful for the strength and amazing-ness of this group.”

Repair the World Fellow: Bari Morchower
Location: Pittsburgh
Working/Serving: with Higher Achievement

In Bari’s words: “This month, I am grateful for my supportive network of family, friends, and former and current colleagues. They checked in on and encouraged me, got me to laugh, offered a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a smiling face throughout this huge time of change and uncertainty in my life. Not sure I would have made it through without them and their love. Their support relates to my work with Higher Achievement. Without this network, I would not have been as inspired to achieve academic success. Higher Achievement not only gives kids the opportunity for that success, but also encourages relationship building between kids and their mentors.”

What are you feeling grateful for today? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld.