It’s one of our favorite times of year – the time when the New York Jewish Week rounds up their list of “36 Under 36” of young people who are changing the Jewish community and the world.

And like in year’s past, this year’s round up – the 5th annual of its kind – is filled with heroes working on the front lines of service, volunteering, community building and social justice. The list also includes two stars who work for Repair the World grantee-partner organizations: Rabbi Ari Weiss from Uri L’Tzedek, and Elie Lowenfeld from the Jewish Disaster Response Corps.

Mazel tov to everyone on the list! Check out the whole group of 36 Under 36 awardees here and read below for our highlight of the service stars on the list:

  • Simon Goldberg, 21 – co-founder of Triangles of Truth, which makes connections between the Holocaust and modern-day genocide going on around the world.
  • Emma Goldberg, 17 – a high school senior and social media director of STAND, the Student Anti-Genocide Coalition.
  • Bryan Lipsky, 29 – founder of Leb Mediculus, an organization that adds a philanthropic element to parties and social events.
  • Elana Loeffler, 23 – a leader of AMIT, an organization that works with and educates Israeli kids who don’t have guardians.
  • Rabbi Boruch B. Bender, 29 – founder of Achiezer (which means “helping my brother”), an independent medical referral service and crisis center.
  • Heather Stoltz 33 – an artist who weaves social justice into her craft – literally. Check out her fiber arts at her website, Sewing Stories.
  • Josh Goldstein, 17 – a high schooler and leader with the teen volunteer organization J-Teen.
  • Rabbi Ari Weiss, 32 – one of the founders of Uri L’Tzedek, a Repair the World grantee-partner organization that approaches social justice work from an orthodox perspective.
  • Shea Rubenstein, 35 – founder of the Jewish Community Center of Marine Park, which puts helping the neighborhood’s needy population at the top of its priorities list.
  • Yvette Edidin, 34 – a community organizer and leader in her town of Roslyn Harbor, Long Island.
  • Elie Lowenfeld, 25 – founder of The Jewish Disaster Response Corps, which is a Repair the World grantee-partner organization.
  • Slava Rubin, 33 – a Russian-born Jew and founder of indiegogo, an innovative online “crowdfunding” site, that helps raise money for start-up organizations.
  • Symi Rom-Rymer, 32 – a journalist who is working to bring Jews and Muslims together via the Global Muslim Jewish Friendship Forum.
  • Jamie Mayer Phinney, 28 – a philanthropist on the board of her family’s foundation (The Nathan Cummings Foundation) who helps guide young philanthropists.
  • Michael Greenberg, 23 – a Maccabeat who has used the popular group’s ticket sales to raise money for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation.

Who would YOU add to this year’s 36 under 36 list? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @reapirtheworld.