Looking for an awesome seder to attend this year on the first night or second night of Passover? Want to connect to Passover’s deeper connections to freedom? We’ve got you covered. This year, Hillels on college campuses around the country are getting into the social justice themes of Passover in a big way – and so are synagogues and Moishe Houses.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest looking social justice and freedom seders happening from coast-to-coast. If you don’t already have anything planned (or, heck, even if you do!) grab a couple of friends and head out to one in your community. A couple of the seders will be held after the first and second night – so if you’re all booked up, you can still attend.

Tufts Hillel: On April 14th, join the Hillel at Tufts for their Social Justice Seder: Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat-A Food Justice Journey. This interactive seder will feature students returning from spring break with the Jewish Farm School and focus on food justice and sustainability.

Moishe House Portland: On April 15, enjoy a social justice seder with the Moishe House community. The peer-led seder will connect the age-old story with issues our world faces today. There will be lots of learning, laughing, and – of course – amazing food.

University of Wisconsin Hillel: On April 15, Naomi Segal and friends will lead a seder that will highlight the Passover themes of enslavement, freedom, and struggle.

Syracuse University Hillel: On April 15, attend “On the Wings of Freedom” – a special staff-organized seder that will look at global and local issues through the lens of Passover.

Moishe Kavod House, Boston: On April 15, the Kavod House is throwing a second night seder. Come celebrate while exploring the theme of mass incarceration and preparing for this year’s work with the Jobs Not Jails campaign.

Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto: On April 16, attend a “third night” social justice seder along with guests from the Aboriginal Canadian community. Together attendees will explore the themes of freedom, migration, oppression and overcoming adversity, while delighting in each other’s music, stories and company.

Calvary Center for Community & Culture, Philadelphia: On April 17, Join the Hillel Grad Network for “What Does it Mean to go Without Bread: A Jewish Social Justice Labor Seder.” This seder will focus on issues of labor and particularly on the present day struggles for fast food workers in Philadelphia. As you break matzoh together, you’ll hear stories of people who are organizing for their rights and learn how you can support their efforts.

University of Missouri Hillel: On April 18, join Hillel and several other organizations for a social justice seder. The Seder will be a combination of a traditional Passover Seder centered around a social justice theme bringing attention to societal issues, as well as deliver messages of action and hope. A vegetarian/kosher meal will be provided.

Do you know of another great social justice or freedom seder? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld.