All February long during Black History Month, Repair the World is checking in with people and organizations working on the forefront of Black issues in America. Today we’ve got our spotlight on: the Jewish Multiracial Network, an organization that advances Jewish diversity through empowerment and community building with Jews of Color and Jewish multiracial families.

Founded in 1997, the organization runs an annual retreat that brings together Jews of Color, Jewish multiracial families, and allies from all across the country. Sessions focus on empowerment, advocating for Jewish diversity, and creating supportive spaces for Jews of color to share their experiences. They also have a wealth of resources and educational materials available. Their blog, which often profiles Jews of color, is also a great read.

The Jewish Multiracial Network’s work and the community they have opened up is so critical for making Jews of color know they are welcome in larger Jewish life, and for spreading awareness about the many Black and multiracial families that help make up the Jewish community.

Repair the World salutes everything they do, and encourage you to find out more on their website, and Facebook page.