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There is a new kind of pioneer in Israel. Since 2002, Ayalim, an innovative organization, has been building youth villages to help revitalize cities and communities across Israel. The concept is simple: bring bright, motivated young people to live, study, and volunteer in one of Ayalim’s 14 student villages in the Negev and Galilee.

Ayalim’s newest project focuses on Lod, an ancient city just 15 minutes from Tel Aviv that is stricken by poverty, crime, and neglect. Ayalim is working to build a student village in an old, vacant school that has fallen into disrepair. Their goal is to bring 50 college students to live there and volunteer in the surrounding neighborhood, building parks, and running family centers and after school programs for residents.

To do that, they first have to build – transforming old classrooms into apartments and creating the building that will stand as the heart and core of their work. The architectural plans are complete, and students have begun physical construction on the site. In addition to the apartments, they are building a sports center and vegetable garden that will be open to the community.

To realize their dream of a new, vibrant neighborhood in Lod, Ayalim needs help. That’s where you come in. They are currently running a crowd source funding campaign to raise money for construction materials.

Find out more about Brick by Brick in the video below and donate to help them fund their building project in Lod.