October is arts and culture month here at Repair the World. Join us here all month for our 31-day celebration of the transformative, world changing power of art and culture in all their many forms.

Have you ever gone to an art museum and thought, “Wow this art is wonderful and beautiful, but it’s so completely removed from my real life?” Yeah, us too. Seems like we all need a dose of Inside Out.

Inside Out: The People’s Art Project was founded in 2011 as a global participatory art project with the aim of changing the world. It is a world wide collaborative art installation that gives anyone and everyone the chance to participate, share a portrait, and make a statement about how they see the world.

The art installations are defined as “group actions,” because groups of people create them together in their communities. Groups pick a theme – like diversity, gender-based violence, climate change, and so on – and use their art to educate and inspire others to action. Each group action is documented – so far, more than 120,000 people from 108 countries (everywhere from Mexico to Nepal to Japan) has participated.

In Israel and Palestine, an Inside Out action invited thousands of people to capture their portraits in giant photobooths, print them as posters and exhibit them in the streets.

In Karachi, an Inside Out action helped expose the persecution of minorities in Pakistan with a series of moving portraits (see photo).

In Berlin, an Inside Out action documented the portraits and struggles of LGBT communities in Belarus and Moscow.

At the North Pole (seriously!) an Inside Out action created a mashup of thousands of portraits of members of the #savethearctic movement to make a giant eye in a statement against destructive industry across the Arctic.

Now is your chance to add to the Inside Out conversation! The project is open to anyone and everyone who believes in making change by making art. Learn how you can be a part of the global movement on Inside Out’s website, and check out the film below for more info: