Following up yesterday’s post about the growing number of young people getting involved in service and philanthropy, here’s a Jewish organization that is leading the way on both fronts.

Meet JChoice – an online social networking community that “empowers young Jewish giving through the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah, while building Jewish community and strengthening Jewish culture.”

Founded in 2009, JChoice encourages teens to search through their database for a cause/issue that speaks to them and make a donation in support of it. The causes and non-profits that receive support are global in reach and cover a vast array of issues from the environment and special needs, to poverty, health, gender, and education rights. Here’s just a small sampling of causes JChoice teens help:

On the site, each cause includes a description of the issue, who it impacts, and how much money has been raised to-date. Even more interestingly, though, each cause is also tagged by which Jewish value (e.g. honoring our elders, building relationships between people, feeding the hungry) it’s connected to. That’s all part of founder David Rosenberg’s idea – to empower teen givers to express their voices by supporting the causes that matter to them, and to do so in an explicitly and celebratory Jewish context.

In less than two years, JChoice has already raised $45,670 for 111 causes – pretty impressive, eh? To find out more or donate to the cause of your choice, click here.