A few weeks ago during Hanukkah, we talked about using the holiday as an excuse to spread some good. In other words, sharing the transformative power of positive, life affirming stories, events and opportunities with family and friends. Now, with the New Year approaching (the second New Year, that is), it is time to double down on this commitment.

Here are four inspiring stories of hope, change, and kindness to ring in 2016. We hope you enjoy – and share!

Repair the World’s Fellowship program is better than ever In Detroit, Philly, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and NYC, our fellowship program is gearing up for its third and best-yet program year. Help make it happen by donating to our crowdsource campaign.

Across North America, people of faith are standing with their Muslim neighbors. There’s the Jewish community in Ontario, Canada that welcomed a Muslim community into their synagogue to pray after an arson attack on the community’s mosque. There’s the Christian community in Dallas that is supporting Syrian refugees. And there are many other examples. In troubling times that can seem dominated by bigotry, these stories of communities coming together across difference bring us hope.

Humans of New York is changing thousands of people’s lives for the better. In the summer of 2010, a photographer named Brandon Stanton set out to capture the weird, wild, and wonderful people of New York City, one portrait at a time. Five years later, and he has created a movement and a community centered around his unique take on photojournalism. The pictures capture his subjects’ hearts and share their struggles, joys and, most importantly, their humanness. In many cases (like this and this and this), they have inspire viewers to important, world-changing action.

This year, the world finally stood up to climate change. After decades of inaction, world leaders got together this month in Paris to make real, tangible commitments to lowering fossil fuel emissions and curbing climate change. Their agreement was only a start – but it is a good one.

If you have other stories of hope to bring light to, we want to know! Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us at @repairtheworld.