‘Stache, soup strainer, nose neighbor – whatever you like to call them, moustaches are the height of men’s facial fashion. And during the month of November, they’re also a call to raise awareness about men’s health.

The stats are astonishing: 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 2 will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer. Still, men’s health tends to be overlooked in the media. That’s where Movember came in.

The month-long campaign invites men or “Mo Bros” to grow a moustache throughout the month of November, while raising awareness and money to support men’s health, and specifically prostate cancer research. Think of Movember as a fundraising marathon, except instead of lots of sweat, training and electrolyte-guzzling, participants end up with a sweet, stylin’ ‘stache. (There are lots of opportunities for women, or “Mo Sisters” to get involved too – with or without the ‘stache.)

Funds raised during Movember support super-worthy causes like the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation, as well as Movember’s own education campaigns. (Find out more about where Movember’s money goes by watching the video below.)

Today is the last day in November, which means it’s also the last day to donate towards participants’ moustache growing campaigns during Movember. Check out the fuzzy madness on Facebook, and scope out this funny Top 5 Jewish moustache-wearers list here. Then make a donation to support men’s health and cancer research here.