This essay was originally published on New York Cares’ blog.

I was a 7th grader on Long Island when September 11th happened. This was the major event of my childhood and I found it hard to process. In school we participated in many group memorial events and projects. This was a good thing for a 13-year-old and I was involved in many exciting things, but it left me unsure of what to do when I had the chance to remember the events the way I wanted to. As a child I had the community of my school to show me what to do on September 11th and as an adult I was looking for another community.

Luckily, New York Cares came in with volunteer opportunities just as they have multiple other times when I was looking for a community of volunteers. I have been a volunteer for New York Cares for a while when I saw information about the September 11th Service Day in the Team Leader Newsletter and signed up. I was excited to get the chance to be a part of something larger than myself.
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