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Michelle Obama’s Inspiring 2015 Commencement Speech

Every year around this time, we at Repair the World try to bring you some of the best and brightest commencement speeches from around the country. This year, we are just bringing you one: First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent address at Tuskegee University in Alabama.

The First Lady is, naturally, a popular commencement speaker, and we’ve included her words in past years’ roundups. But this year she brought things to a different level by sharing her own story, talking candidly about gender and race, and sharing her thoughts about making one’s way through a world filled with adversity without succumbing to “feelings of despair and anger.” It takes no small amount of bravery to open up in front of a crowd of young graduates (and, thanks to YouTube, the world) or to tackle topics these personal and powerful.

Not surprisingly, a commencement as provocative as Ms. Obama’s has already begun to make waves in the press. Because in the end, all successful speeches do. They must. That is how the world gets shaken up and how important conversations get started. Check out The First Lady’s inspiring 2015 address below, and let us know what you think at @repairtheworld!