This post, by Aviva Rosman, was originally posted on One Table’s blog as part of a partnership with BallotReady, Repair the World, and Ask Big Questions. Rosman is the COO and co-founder of BallotReady, a nonpartisan online voter guide to every race and referendum on the ballot.

By now, most of my friends are sick of talking about the election. It seems like it’s been filling my Facebook feed for the past year and with a month left until Nov. 8 I’m expecting at least a couple more arguments at Yom Kippur break fast.

In spite of my political exhaustion with candidates named Trump and Hillary, I’m excited to bring people to my Shabbat table to talk about something else – the over 40,000 candidates running for offices besides president. Far more than the president, these candidates – for school board and city council, judges and county commissioners – will shape our daily lives for the next four years.
Which is why Shabbat is the perfect place to talk about politics and voting – because it really means talking about the issues we care about and our hopes for our community.
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