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Season of Giving: Five Ways to “Give Differently” This Year

Each winter, everyone seems to get into the giving spirit – which is great! There are a ton of ways to make the world a better place – like making an end-of-year donation to an organization you care about, volunteering at a soup kitchen.

But maybe you’re in the mood to change things up and do something different? If so, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 unconventional ways to give in this season of giving.

 Donate Your Old Phone. MTV Act and are running an awesome campaign to let you donate your own cell phone and help survivors of domestic abuse.

Get Swabbed. Help save a life – all by getting your cheek swabbed and getting signed up for a bone marrow donation registry. Find out how at Gift of Life or Swab a Cheek.

Donate Your Hair. Got lovely long tresses? There are lots of organizations that let you donate your locks to make wigs for cancer patients, and other people experiencing medical hair loss. Check out these organizations to get started.

Write Someone’s BubbeCheck out Reach Out America’s pen pal program to connect with an elderly person as a pen pal. Make a new friend and make their day – and yours!

Donate Your Artistic (or Volunteering) Talent. Life Beat’s Hearts & Voices program organizes artists to perform for people living with AIDS in healthcare facilities throughout New York City. Got talent to share? Volunteer to play, sing, dance, or perform. Or, volunteer to help set up and run the events – no musical skills required.

Got another untraditional way to give? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld!

This Weekend: Take a “Tech Detox” with the National Day of Unplugging

This weekend, from sundown on Friday, March 23 to sundown on Saturday, March 24, thousands of people all over the country will turn off their cellphones, log out of Twitter, shut down their Kindles and take a 24-hour break from technology. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because the ancient Jewish tradition of observing Shabbat is the inspiration behind the third annual National Day of Unplugging.

The National Day of Unplugging is based around 10 core principles called the Sabbath Manifesto, which encourage participants to temporarily disconnect from the fast-paced, info-overloaded networks that shape our lives. Regardless of your personal religious observance, there are plenty of good reasons to follow the manifesto’s lead. It’s eco-friendly and good for the health and longevity of your poor, overworked smart phone. And more importantly, taking a break from technological distractions gives you the opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. To eat and talk (or sing!). To get outside, take a nap, and let your body readjust and reconnect to life’s natural rhythms.
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