Each year, J-Serve: The International Day of Jewish Youth Service mobilizes more than ten thousand Jewish teens worldwide around meaningful service programs. Repair the World supports J-Serve’s efforts through trainings for youth group program staff throughout the country.

This year’s official J-Serve date is April 2 (though some communities pick a service date a few weeks before or after). We checked in with Jed Golman, an 18-year old senior from Dallas, Texas to find out how he celebrated J-Serve. Check out what he had to say.

What is your background with service and volunteering?
When I first came to my school in kindergarten, they made it very clear to us that community service would be a large part of our life. Every year, our service project changed. One year we worked with Meals on Wheels. Other years we did food drives and tutored students from underprivileged schools. My family also instilled in me the importance of helping out those less fortunate than myself. They allowed me to experience service first hand and develop a deep appreciation for it.

How did you get involved with J-Serve? What drew you to it?
When I joined BBYO, my opportunities to serve were amplified. When I saw the chance to do community service alongside some of my best friends, I jumped right on it. As a freshman, I didn’t fully understand the full scope of J-Serve and how incredible it is that on one weekend, hundreds of communities from across the globe participate in service projects at the same time.
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