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Modern Day Passover Heroes: Aaron

Each year during the Passover seders, we recite the ages-old story of the Jews’ exodus from ancient Egypt – a tale which can seem far removed from our lives today. But each year, we also have the opportunity to breathe new life into the story as we join together to put ourselves in our ancestors’ shoes, and make connections that help bring the story closer to our own reality.

In recent years, modern adaptations of the Ten Plagues have been created, additions (like oranges and olives) have been added to the seder plate and tons of versions of the classic Maxwell House Haggadah have been written. The Exodus story has provided endless inspiration. But what about the story’s main characters?

Some serious game changers starred in the epic story of Passover, and we think they deserve some attention. So this year, Repair the World decided to have a little fun and explore modern day heroes – today’s leaders who work tirelessly on behalf of others and tikkun olam – and see how they remind us of Moses, Miriam, and Aaron.

Last but not least: Aaron.
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Repair the World in the Washington Post

Yesterday, Repair the World launched its national search engine for Jewish volunteer and community service. If you have ever wanted to plug in to a service trip or volunteer opportunity, but did not know where to start, this search engine is for you. Whether you live in Iowa and are into immigrant rights, or from the South Bronx and passionate about healthcare, this is your one-stop shopping resource for all things Jewish and service.

Clearly, we think this is kind of a big deal – and apparently, the Washington Post does too! Below, check out the great article by Eboo Patel on the Post’s The Faith Divide blog.
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