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Tractors over Touchdowns: How One Football Player Became a Food Justice Hero

Football players, like most professional athletes, live glamorous lives. With contracts regularly topping 10 million dollars, they can afford to. But what if one of them decided to give up the cars, the glory, and the worship of thousands of fans to become a…farmer.

Meet Jason Brown. At the age of 29, after spending seven years as a professional football player, Brown decided to trade in his helmet for a bundle of hay. As self-taught farmer (he watched You Tube videos for instructions on the basics and consulted with other nearby farmers), he launched First Fruits Farm – a faith-based agricultural operation that grows food to be donated to food pantries. He has already given away tens of thousands of pounds of food and he has no plans for stopping soon. (If the notion of giving first fruits sounds familiar, it should – it is a concept found in the Torah.)

Brown and his family took an incredible leap of faith to make such a radical life change. Asked on CBS why, he said two beautiful things. The first: “When I think about a life of greatness, I think about a life of service.” And then, “Love is the most wonderful currency you can give anyone.” We kind of love this guy.

In other news, Brown also recently delivered his own baby when his wife went into surprisingly fast labor and the midwife couldn’t arrive in time. So, yeah he’s mensch.

Check out the video for more of his remarkable story.

Repair Interview: Jerusha Klemperer of FoodCorps

January is Healthy Living Month here at Repair the World. Stop by all month long for interviews with our favorite health-focused organizations, inspiring stories, and tips to change your life while changing the world.

Its no surprise that we love service programs here at Repair the World. We also love organizations that work to create healthier kids and communities. So we’re pretty much over the moon for FoodCorps, an organization that’s part of the AmeriCorps service network, and that “connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.” Yeah. Pretty awesome.
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Farm in the City: Urban Adamah

In the last decade, the country’s growing obsession with local, traceable food has lured many Gen Y-ers away from the city and towards rural life on the farm. (Green Acres anyone?)

But in some cases, it has also brought the farm to the city. Urban agriculture and community garden projects are literally sprouting up in cities across the country from New York, Chicago and Detroit to Seattle and Los Angeles. In northern California, a new program called Urban Adamah is planting roots on a city block in Berkeley. (See what the plot looked like before the farm, here.) The food will be grown by fellows who’ll work together for three months and live in a communal house nearby. 90 percent of Urban Adamah’s produce will be donated to organizations serving people in need in the local community. The rest will be consumed by the fellows.
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