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Help Turkey Recover from the Earthquake

Yesterday, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey, killing hundreds of people and wounding thousands more. The quake also damaged scores of homes and knocked out power across the southeastern part of the country.

Turkey is known as a seismically active country, sitting atop two major fault lines. And yet, this is shaping up to be the worst earthquake the country has seen since 1999. It’s also the latest in a series of high-profile and highly-destructive natural disasters that have struck over the last few years.

Each new disaster that hits headlines is a reminder of how fragile life can be. It’s also a reminder of how interconnected and dependent we are with and on each other. Right now, a rescue mission is underway with Turkish relief teams searching for survivors under the rubble while there is still a chance of finding people alive. According to an article in the JTA, Turkey has, for now, rejected all offers of international aid. But there are still ways to help:

The following organizations and relief funds are accepting donations on behalf of victims, which will be distributed in the coming weeks.

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