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8 Nights of Giving Thanks: Join a Cause

Here at Repair the World November is Gratitude Month – a month dedicated to giving thanks for everything we are grateful for. And this week it’s also Hanukkah! To celebrate, Repair the World presents 8 Nights of Giving Thanks: tips and thoughts for filling the Festival of Lights with gratitude.

On our last night of giving thanks, it is time to think about going forward. How can we bring our gratitude into the rest of the year, and into next year as well? The very best way is to become involved in a cause that is important to you. By joining a club or an organization, or volunteering regularly, you’ll gain greater appreciation for the world around you while making a difference. It’s a gratitude win-win.

Looking for an organization to help? Join Repair the World’s efforts by becoming a 2014-2015 Repair the World Fellow. Applications are due January 6, 2014.) Or check out to find another great fit for you.

Repair Interview: Ami Dar of

Like many young people, I found my first non-profit job out of college on – an organization that “connects people, organizations, and resources” online to help build a better world. On the morning of my first day I distinctly remember having a realization of my 21st-century privilege. “How on earth did people do this without the internet?” I wondered. founder, Ami Dar, had that very same question. On a backpacking trip in Chile in the mid 1980s, Dar first had the idea of creating a global network to help interested people plug their energy into the organizations and initiatives that needed them. Several years later he was introduced to the internet and its remarkable ability to connect people – and Idealist has not looked back since. Dar took the time to speak with Repair the World about his own inspiration for social justice work, what Idealist might have been like if the internet never came along, and why now is the perfect time to follow your dreams and change the world.
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