New Year’s Eve has come and gone…and likely so have your resolutions. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of time left this January to get back on the resolution track. To help get you started, here are five social good-focused resolutions that will inspire you to make a difference all year long.

Resolution 1: Donate! Most non-profits and charitable organizations amp up their fundraising efforts in the last two weeks of December. That way, they get a little influx of year-end cash, and their donors can write off their donations on that year’s taxes. Win, win. But if you missed the Dec 31 deadline, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with contributing in January. Trust us, your favorite org will be just as thrilled by your support.

Resolution 2: Get (Your Community) Healthy By now, most of the folks you know who resolved to start a new diet in 2016 have already fallen off the kale juice and quinoa wagon. Why not make a commitment you can stick with – to help your community. Volunteer at a local health fair. Teach a volunteer nutrition and cooking class at a local community center.

Resolution 3: Drink More Water (and Promote Water Rights!) Good hydration is key to good health. This January, resolve to drink more water and less juice, soda, and other sugary beverages. Amp up your resolution by choosing tap water whenever possible (get a filter if you need to), and ditching those plastic bottles. Then, donate to Charity Water or another water right’s organization to help people in developing countries access fresh, safe water.

Resolution 4: Purge Your Closet Why wait for Spring cleaning? This January, spend some time going through your closets and sorting out a pile gently used clothing that you no longer want. Host a clothing swap for your friends, and donate any leftover clothing to a women’s shelter or a social good thrift store like Housing Works.

Resolution 5: Volunteer Now here’s a classic resolution we can get behind. Not much more to say on this one other than, get out your smart phone calendar and “x” out a few dates for volunteering. You’ll be doing your part to make 2016 great. And here’s a pro tip: invite one of your parents, siblings, nieces etc. to join you and tick off the “spend more time with family” resolution at the same time.

What are your 2016 social good resolutions? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @repairtheworld.