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Up All Night: Studying Service and Social Justice on Shavuot

Tonight is the beginning of Shavuot, the Jewish calendar’s most learning-focused holiday. Traditionally, people stay up all night studying Jewish texts, fueled by coffee, cheesecake and curiosity.

Last week we posted about the relaunch of On1Foot – an online database founded by AJWS that houses more than one thousand service and social justice-themed Jewish texts and study guides. Today, in honor of the holiday, here’s On1Foot’s Shavuot guide called “From Charity and Dependency to Dignity and Sustainability.” And below, you’ll find a round up of several other online text resources and Shavuot tikkuns (classes) around the country, where you can find inspiring information and insights to help keep the discussion going until sunrise this Shavuot. Dig in!

  • The Religious Action Center (RAC) offers their “Standing Together: Social Justice Guide for Shavuot,” focusing on economic justice, the environment, world Jewry and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) issues and advocacy.
  • The New Israel Fund is sponsoring 35 learning sessions in Israel focused on Jewish tradition, social justice, tolerance and pluralism. Click here to find a session to attend, or to download their study materials.
  • IKAR in Los Angeles is organizing a Shavuot gathering called “It’s The End of the World As We Know It: Revolution, Climate Change, Culture War, Communal Paradigm Shift – How Does Judaism Respond to the Chaos and Unpredictability of a Changing World?
  • Jews United for Justice in Washington DC is co-hosting a night of learning about Torah, food and just communities with Etz Chayim
  • The Moishe Kavod House in partnership with many other organizations in Boston are hosting an all night Tikkun covering everything from food justice to domestic violence, climate and The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.
  • The University of San Francisco is co-hosting their third-annual Social Justice Shavuot Program, beginning with a vegetarian dinner.

Know about other service and/or social justice-related resources for Shavuot? Leave them below in the comments.