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Monday Link Roundup

Yesterday, Hurricane Irene barreled from the Caribbean up the East Coast – causing more than a dozen deaths, damage to public property and homes (though not as much damage as originally feared) and wreaking havoc on travel and weekend plans. In commemoration, this week’s roundup is dedicated to Hurricane-related service stories.

  • GOOD published a fascinating article about the importance of communication and access to media when preparing for an impending storm.
  • The Huffington Post published an article about the variety of places evacuees from hurricane Irene are staying – everywhere from school gyms to 5-star hotels.
  • Relatedly, The Huffington Post also posted a video about the 13,000 people staying in American Red Cross shelters.
  • The Corporation for National and Community Service wrote about the national service teams being deployed to areas up and down the East Coast to support people who have been negatively impacted by the hurricane.
  • The Union for Reform Judaism sent out a service alert, readying potential volunteers to jump into action as soon as the storm’s damage is assessed.

Monday Link Roundup

Happy Monday! With autumn around the corner, these last summer weekends begin to feel more precious – so hopefully you had the opportunity to make the most of it. As always, to jump start your week, here’s a weekly round up of inspirational service links from around the web.

  • Pursue
    published a touching poem by Avital Aboody called “A Farewell Poem: Concluding a Year of Service.”
  • The Huffington Post published a piece by Sara Vogel about how one-on-one tutoring has the potential to make a big difference in Mexico’s schools.
  • The Forward’s website features a video that gives and in-depth look at Crown Heights, Brooklyn – 20 years after the riots that threatened to split the neighborhood apart.
  • JSpot published an evaluation of the new movie The Help and its implications for today’s domestic workers community.
  • GOOD shared some promising news: solar power is getting cheaper all the time, making it a more viable energy source.

Monday Link Roundup

Happy Monday! Hopefully the soggy weather, which left much of the East Coast water-logged over the last couple of days, didn’t cramp your weekend style. To inject a little sunshine into the beginning of the week, here’s your weekly dose of inspiration from around the web.

  • The New York Times published an article by the inimitable Samuel Freedman about a Jewish summer camp focused on young Jews of color.
  • The JTA posted the latest news about the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters crowding the streets – and not just in Tel Aviv.
  • Meanwhile, The Forward offered an op-ed by J.J. Goldberg which recounted Israeli novelist, David Grossman’s thoughts on the protests and his experiences from the front line.
  • GOOD offers a bit of fascinating (and comparatively hopeful) environmental news about how humans are helping animal populations around the world adapt to a changing global climate.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle to end on a bright note, shares how a seven year old kid decided to donate his piggybank money to a local environmental nonprofit.