Repair the World is talkin’ about a revolution! Our Inspire Service campaign aims to mobilize a movement of volunteers inspired to act on pressing national issues. Our first campaign is focused on food justice: working to foster stronger local food systems, self reliant communities, and a healthier environment.

Of course, movements don’t just happen in a vacuum. They happen because passionate, driven people get together and DO something. So this month, we want to introduce you to Repair the World’s Movement Leaders – some really cool folks who are making it happen. Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they are organizing their communities around the issue of food justice. They are creating opportunities to serve and recruiting peers to join their projects (find one near you!), to talk about important issues, and to change the world for the better. Meet…

Who: Sarah Lashinsky

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

When: September 14

What: Alongside my roommates in one of Atlanta’s Moishe Houses, I am going to be hosting a Rosh Hashanah Turn the Tables dinner. In addition to enjoying an exercise in intentionality, we are going to think back on our past year in service, and explore how we can bring service into our lives in the year to come.

#Excited: I am most excited about the conversations that will be sparked from this event. I was lucky enough to be a participant in Repair the World’s Gentrification Turn the Tables exercise in July, and I had many thoughtful interactions about how to address this growing problem long after the dinner ended. I felt newly aware of a problem that I hadn’t really ever thought through very thoroughly, and now feel even better equipped to inform and educate other people on the challenges of gentrification in a shifting society.

Find out more about the dinner Sarah is co-planning at the Moishe House Facebook page, and learn more about Repair the World’s Inspire Service Movement Leaders at our site.