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The Winners of our National Volunteer Month Photo Contest!

This, April, we challenged you to put 5 minutes, a week, a year, or whatever you could to join us in celebrating National Volunteer Month – and we hope that you’re a little more inspired to continue volunteer activities not just in April, but all year round!

Here at Repair, we loved seeing the awesome stuff you were doing in your communities – and around the world in our National Volunteer Month Photo Contest, which really highlights just how much you could not only give of yourselves, but share.

We were inspired and impressed by your awesome volunteer stories (and photog abilities!) and you’re all winners in our book! Alas, we could only choose a few folks — those who really stood out by getting the word out about their great work. Check out some of the outstanding entries we received, followed by our official announcement of the Biggest Sharers! Drumroll please….

NVM Contest Conclusion


The Biggest Sharers!

SWAG BAG Grand Prize……………Francesca Garrett for her photo of Medic Mobile!

Tote Bag Winner…………… Gary Rozman

Tote Bag Winner…………… Mallory Brown

Tote Bag Winner……………Marci M.

Tote Bag Winner……………Jacob S.

Tote Bag Winner……………Michael H.

Tote Bag Winner……………Lisa Podell

Tote Bag Winner……………Erica M.

MANY thanks to ALL who participated! To learn more about the photos featured, visit our Photo Contest Facebook Album, or follow us on Twitter @repairtheworld.

…And good news: we think EVERY month should be national volunteer month! Continue to submit your photos ALL YEAR ROUND for a chance to win Repair swag and show off your service snapshots!



National Volunteer Month: Take GOOD’s Service Pledge

goods pledgeHappy National Volunteer Month! All April long, Repair the World will be sharing stories, fun opportunities and tips to help you give back  in all sorts of  ways. We’ll also highlight great causes to get involved with. Check out today’s feature , and tweet your service tips and stories to @repairtheworld #NationalVolunteerMonth.

Got 20 hours to spare? (Over the course of a year that is…). We have a feeling you do.

GOOD is challenging people to put those hours to productive use by taking the 1% pledge. This cool campaign asks that you spend 1 percent of your work hours this year “changing a small corner of your world for the better.”

Sounds good to us.

Think about it: 20 hours is just half of a standard work week; it’s less time than it takes to watch a season of your favorite television show. Heck, it’s fewer hours than there are in the day! If you dedicated those hours towards doing good, how might you change your community? Or the world?

Head on over to GOOD and take the 1% percent challenge. Chances are, you’ll feel pretty “good” that you did.

National Volunteer Month: Pro Bono Volunteering

Happy National Volunteer Month! All April long, Repair the World will be sharing stories, fun opportunities and tips to help you serve at all different levels and in all different ways. We’ll also highlight great causes to get involved with. Check out today’s feature, and tweet your service tips and stories to @repairtheworld #NVM.

All volunteering takes skill and energy. But beyond signing up to staff a soup kitchen for one evening, spending the afternoon at an animal shelter, or organizing a book drive, another type of service helps make a big difference by using our skills and talents: pro bono volunteering.

According to, pro bono volunteering refers to people “volunteering their professional skills to assist nonprofit organizations in creating or improving their business practices.” Examples of pro bono volunteering include a lawyer who advises on cases for a non-profit organization, free of charge, a doctor who volunteers abroad, or a social media whiz who helps a community group spread their message. More and more organizations are beginning to rely on pro bono help. With resources and budgets shrinking all the time, this free, skilled labor becomes increasingly necessary to help organizations meet their goals and change the world.

Sure it helps to have a specific degree or lots of professional experience in the field you’re offering to volunteer in, but almost anyone can be a pro bono volunteer. Idealist suggests considering the following questions:

What are you good at?
What comes easy for you?
What aspects of your professional life might be assets to an organization or community effort?
What personal or interpersonal talents do you have?

Once you have these questions figured out, you can find an organization that is looking for someone with exactly these skills. Put your expertise to use! Find a pro bono volunteering opportunity via Taproot, Idealist, or Catchafire.

Already a pro bono volunteer? Let us know how you serve by tweeting @repairtheworld #NationalVolunteerMonth.