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On Tap: National Volunteer Week (4/18-24)

Today is a big day in the world of service: the beginning of National Volunteer Week.

Sponsored by the Points of Light Institute, and running from now through April 24th, ordinary people across the country will be doing extraordinary things to transform their communities.

There are many official events happening in conjunction with National Volunteer Week (and you can learn more about the national movement and projects going on across the country here), but the real point is inspiring local change, home by home, block by block, and neighborhood by neighborhood. Painting a neighbor’s fence, canvassing for a cause you believe in, donating to a charitable organization, helping clean up your synagogue’s library, volunteering for a political candidate, planting a garden, reading to a new friend at a hospitable or home for the elderly, teaching a friend to compost (or learning how to yourself) – it all counts, and it all makes a big difference.

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