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PB&J Summit a Success

Back in May we posted about BBYO’s PB&J (Poverty, Bread & Justice) Jewish Teen Summit on Hunger. There was little doubt that the summit would be anything but amazing. Below, participant Joshua Chasan from Seattle recounts his experience there, to fill us in on just how amazing it was.

When I was preparing to come to Washington, DC, for PB & J I really tried to get myself into a business mindset. I wanted to be mentally prepared for a lot of learning and the serious nature of the topic of hunger. Beyond that, I really didn’t know what else to expect.

On Thursday, I arrived in Washington, DC, with more than 70 other teens from around the country. Some I had met at other BBYO events and the rest would soon become my friends. We started the seminar with an eye-opening event, the Oxfam Hunger Banquet. The activity broke the 72 of us into the world’s populations; the majority being low income and without food, and a very small majority having access to food regularly. After our learning banquet we were joined by Hazon founder, Nigel Savage for our real dinner and later he spoke to all of us.
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PB&J Summit: Poverty, Bread & Justice with BBYO

Volunteering at a soup kitchen or food pantry has long been a popular service activity for teens – easy to organize and meaningful. Now, BBYO is helping teens take the next step with PB&J: Poverty, Bread & Justice: A Jewish Teen Summit on Hunger.

Jewish teens from around the country will convene in Washington, D.C., for five days this summer (Thurs., June 24-Mon., June 28) to discuss today’s most pressing food-related questions. (Hint: There’s more to it than “What’s for dinner?”)
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