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The Clinton Global Initiative Promotes Worldwide Service, Leadership and Action Sept 20-22

Employment for the over 205 million unemployed, redefining consumption and girl and women’s empowerment are just some of the vast topics to be discussed next week at the The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting in New York City.

Founded in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI is a network of global leaders working to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, and with a focus on global health, economic empowerment, energy & climate change, and education. The Annual Meeting, which takes place over three days –  September 20-22 – is sure to be informative as it attempts to make headway on dealing with deep economic and demographic challenges facing our planet’s 2011 projected population of 7 billion.
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Repair Interview: Steven Weinberg of Will Work for Food

Since 2007, an organization called Will Work for Food – which was founded by students at the University of Michigan – has worked to raise funds to combat global child hunger and malnutrition. And they do it in a very unique way.

Instead of simply raising money, WWFF participants engage in a local volunteer project and encourage friends, family and neighbors to pledge money in support of their service. Think a cancer or MS walk – but replace the walking with community service. To date, WWFF and their partners (mostly student groups) have raised over $70,000 to support the global hunger relief work of Doctors with Borders.

WWFF co-founder and pre-med student, Steven Weinberg, took the time to talk to Repair the World about the importance of doing tangible work, how WWFF doubles an individual’s service impact, and what in the world Plumpy’Nut is.
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Repair Hero: Eli Winkelman

Who says a college student can’t change the world? When Eli Winkelman was an undergrad at Scripps College in California, she started a program called Challah for Hunger. The idea started out small: bake fresh, delicious challah every week and sell it to students and faculty to raise money for hunger and disaster relief.

The program was a hit (even former President Clinton took notice) and began to spread to other colleges. As of 2009, Challah for Hunger had chapters on 30 campuses across the country and had raised more than $130,000, with half of the proceeds going to American Jewish World Service’s Sudan Relief and Advocacy Fund, and half going to local, national, or international organizations chosen by campus organizers.
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