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Pursue: Making Summer School Fun with Justice and Jewish Thought

This time of year, when high schools and colleges across the country are closing up shop for the summer months, the idea of summer school might be the last thing anyone wants to think about. But what if you could learn about justice and Jewish thought this summer with small groups of other great people?

This summer in New York City, starting July 9 and going through August 27, Pursue is hosting Justice and Jewish Thought – a city-wide program exploring race, class, gender, sexual identity and anti-semitism through the lens of Jewish identity and social justice. The classes will run weekly for eight weeks and give participants a chance to build community and deepen their understanding of social change.

Best of all, the program is participant-led – so there’s no teacher grading papers. Instead, participants take turns hosting the program in their homes and facilitating the group discussion (with lots of curriculum ideas and assistance provided by Pursue).

So don’t miss this unique opportunity to make new friends, learn about justice and, yes, go to school, this summer. To find out more about participating in Pursue’s Justice and Jewish Thought Summer School, click here.

Monday Link Roundup

Happy Monday! With autumn around the corner, these last summer weekends begin to feel more precious – so hopefully you had the opportunity to make the most of it. As always, to jump start your week, here’s a weekly round up of inspirational service links from around the web.

  • Pursue
    published a touching poem by Avital Aboody called “A Farewell Poem: Concluding a Year of Service.”
  • The Huffington Post published a piece by Sara Vogel about how one-on-one tutoring has the potential to make a big difference in Mexico’s schools.
  • The Forward’s website features a video that gives and in-depth look at Crown Heights, Brooklyn – 20 years after the riots that threatened to split the neighborhood apart.
  • JSpot published an evaluation of the new movie The Help and its implications for today’s domestic workers community.
  • GOOD shared some promising news: solar power is getting cheaper all the time, making it a more viable energy source.

Go to Hazon’s Food Conference this Summer – with Pursue

Pursue is teaming up with Hazon to offer partial scholarships to the Hazon Food Conference, this August 18-21.

The scholarships, which are designed for participants “interested in developing their leadership and networks in food justice work and activism,” cover up to 100% of registration fees (room and board not included). Participants will attend the full conference, which includes a built-out food justice and food policy track this year, and be a part of Pursue’s growing food justice cohort.

Recipients of the food justice scholarship are required to attend a pre-conference orientation call, actively participate in the conference’s food justice track, contribute a post to the Pursue blog, attend a debrief conference call, and bring back the ideas and energy from the conference to their home communities.

The deadline to apply is June 27. Read the full details here, and click here to apply.

Find out more about Hazon’s Food Conference in the video below:

Monday Link Roundup

Hello Repair the World readers – long time no write! I am thrilled to be back editing this site after a few months’ away (while I was filling in for an editor taking maternity leave at Saveur magazine). Thanks so much to Dvora Meyers for keeping the site running so smoothly, and keeping the powerful service-related stories flowing in my absence. I’m looking forward to picking up right where she left off – and to get things started, here is your weekly dose of inspiring bits and bytes from around the service blogosphere.
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