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Before the Olympics, Let LGBT People in Russia Know “It Gets Better”

The Winter Olympics begin in Sochi, Russia this Friday, February 7. In addition to all the typical bustle and excitement, this year’s Olympics has faced its fair share of criticism – particularly from the LGBT people and their allies, thanks to Russia’s recent crackdowns against and targeting of the LGBT community.
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Video: Hillel Students Serve in Russia

This past May, a group of 170 Hillel students and their families volunteered to help clean up Jewish cemeteries across Russia – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Khabarov. Together they restored headstones, swept up leaves and debris and painted fences. It was a meaningful act of service, particularly considering that many of the cemeteries across the former Soviet Union – both Jewish and not – are poorly maintained.

Check out the video of their day, made by one of the student participants:

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