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Meet Our Inspire Service Movement Leaders: Zoe Feder

Repair the World is talkin’ about a revolution! Our Inspire Service campaign aims to mobilize a movement of volunteers inspired to act on pressing national issues. Our first campaign is focused on food justice: working to foster stronger local food systems, self reliant communities, and a healthier environment.

Of course, movements don’t just happen in a vacuum. They happen because passionate, driven people get together and DO something. So this month, we want to introduce you to Repair the World’s Movement Leaders – some really cool folks who are making it happen. Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they are organizing their communities around the issue of food justice. They are creating opportunities to serve and recruiting peers to join their projects (find one near you!), to talk about important issues, and to change the world for the better. Meet…

Who: Zoë Feder

Where: Austin, Texas

When: September 19

What: I organized a Hashtag Lunchbag project. Our group of around 20 teens are going to make lunches to pass out to people who might not have every meal guaranteed to them. Each lunch will have a sandwich, water bottle, note, and whatever else is donated! We will also be the ones passing out the lunches in our community.

#Excited: I am really excited to discuss food justice issues with my fellow volunteers and to help the people in our community in a very direct and tangible way.

Find out more about the Hashtag Lunchbag project Zoe is planning on the event website, and learn more about Repair the World’s Inspire Service Movement Leaders at our site.

Help Communities Impacted by the Texas Wildfires

While many communities across the East Coast are still reeling from the after-effects of Hurricane Irene, down south, residents of central Texas are facing the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history.

According to the New York Times, since the wildfire began on Sunday, it has “consumed tens of thousands of acres of drought-stricken areas of Texas,” killed two people and burned hundreds of homes. The largest fire in Bastrop County, east of Austin, saw 25,000 acres burned, nearly 500 homes destroyed and 5,000 people evacuated.

Repair the World has rounded up opportunities for people to lend support – both monetary and otherwise – to the families and communities affected by the still-burning wildfires. Read below for more information and to find out how you can help.
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