Happy Monday – hopefully you had a relaxing weekend. Now, to get you inspired for the week ahead, here’s your round up of service and social justice-related posts from around the web.

  • AJWS published a press release sharing their findings from Kenya – in short, girl-centered empowerment programs and policies have been successful in the fight against AIDS. Read on for the details…
  • GOOD rocked a story about a girl-powered social justice venture via ultimate frisbee.
  • The Huffington Post took a different look at the housing foreclosures happening all over the country, focusing on organizations helping the pets of those foreclosed find new homes.
  • The Sustainablog shared tips and resources for how to reduce your contribution to the food waste stream. (hint: changing the type of bags you store your veggies in makes a difference!)
  • Hands-on Blog offered ideas for how to organize and host a school supply drive in your community.

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