Feeling matzah’d out and in need of a little inspiration? This Friday, April 13, join Repair the World and 117 Jewish communities across the globe for the third-annual Freedom Shabbat.

A program of Not For Sale – an amazingly cool organization working to curb human trafficking and abolish modern day slavery – Freedom Shabbat encourages Jews from all backgrounds (and their friends too!) to join together on the Shabbat that falls over Passover and call for the end of slavery. (Learn more about what modern day slavery looks like here.)

Whether you celebrate Shabbat every week, or have never attended a Friday night dinner before, Freedom Shabbat offers the perfect opportunity to share a meal with friends, learn about a super-important issue, and begin a conversation about creating a more just, slavery-free world.

Find out more about Freedom Shabbat and Not for Sale at the video below. Then, join in the fun by locating a Freedom Shabbat dinner near you.

Freedom Shabbat | Teaching from Not For Sale on Vimeo.

How are you planning to celebrate Freedom Shabbat? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @repairtheworld.