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Think school bullying isn’t really a problem? Consider this stat: in recent years, nearly 1/3 of all high school aged students reported having been bullied at school.

Bullying takes many forms from physical intimidation or violence, to verbal threats, and put-downs about someone’s academic performance, weight, gender or sexual orientation. Bullying can mean shoving someone into a locker, whispering behind a person’s back in the hallway, or spreading gossip about someone on Facebook – the actions may be different, but the feelings of shame and sadness they bring up for the person being bullied are the same.

This school year, make a commitment to say NO to bullying by supporting organizations that promote inclusivity and tolerance.

    • Watch StopBullying.Gov’s video below, then check out their interactive graphic about how to be more than a bystander to bullying.
    • The Trevor Project: This organization works to prevent suicide (much of it related to bullying) within the LGBTQ community.
    • Stop Bullying: Speak Up: Like the Stop Bullying page on Facebook to stay up to date on new and innovative ways to stamp out bullying.
    • Cartoon Network: Like drawing comics? Enter the Cartoon Network’s anti-bullying comic challenge.