Looking for a little inspiring news as the weekend draws near? Look no further – here are some interesting service-related reads from around the web, and a couple opportunities to get involved!


  • (NY Jewish Week) Take a behind the scenes look at Eden Village Camp, a brand-new environmentally-focused summer camp for Jewish kids.
  • (NY Times) An uplifting piece from Times’ opinion columnist, Gail Collins, on why “the kids (or 20-somethings, rather) are alright.”
  • (Huffington Post) Rabbi Ari Hart, co-founder of the Orthodox social justice organization, Uri L’Tzedek on sustainability and Jewish tradition.
  • (NY Times) Micro-loans are typically associated with supporting small business owners in developing countries – but micro-financing also makes a big difference here in America.
  • (Haaretz) Dozens of Orthodox rabbis sign a “statement of principles,” encouraging the acceptance of LGBT-identified people within the Jewish community.


  • (Mashable) A new website encourages people to get a little “daring” with their fundraising. Try it out!
  • (The Jew & The Carrot) Check out a great new film pitch about Haiti’s agricultural crisis – then donate to help the film makers make it happen!