As Repair the World gears up to launch our Community Fellowship program (learn more and apply!), we got to thinking about what it means to really dedicate one’s life to changing the world. Below, here are our top 10 reasons do just that – one for each month of the fellowship!

1. You can put your passions to work. Got an issue you care about deeply? There is no better way to express your support, then by working towards moving that issue forward.
2. You get to “be the change.” Everyone has heard the famous quote attributed to Gandhi. This is one way to really live it.
3. You will work with amazing teammates. Social change does not occur or exist in a vacuum – it requires the teamwork with other likeminded people. These people will be your colleagues, partners in crime (the good kind), and friends.
4. Inspiring others is part of the job description. Do you remember the person who opened your eyes to service and helping others – who brought about your a-ha moment? You’ll get to be that for other people.
5. The question “what am I doing with my life?” will become irrelevant. Good, meaningful jobs come and go – even in the realm of world-changing work. But when you dedicate your life to service, you will wake up every day knowing your purpose.
6. Social change conferences are the BEST! Every year there are hundreds of conferences all over the globe that bring together smart, inspiring people to discuss important issues. Here are some of our favorites: Mashable’s Social Good Summit, Clinton Global Initiative University, The Feast, and SXSW’s Interactive Festival.
7. You will be so cutting edge. Without fail, people doing world changing work are on the cutting edge of their fields, helping to set the world conversation about important topics.
8. You get a secret cape. Okay, maybe you don’t actually get a cape – but chances are, now and again, you’ll feel just a little bit like a superhero.
9. The learning never stops. No matter what field you care most about – be it education, the environment, or ending hunger – it is bound to change and evolve. You’ll be there for every step along the way.
10. Everyone likes to hear the words: thank you. When you help others for a living, you are bound to hear a lot of “thank yous.” But our guess is, you’ll end up feeling a lot of gratitude yourself!

Are you ready for an adventure – and to dedicate the next 10 months of your life to engaging in meaningful service? Find out more and apply for our 10-month fellowship program.