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Aug. 15, 2016

As Crown Heights Changes, A Jewish Landscape Diversifies

This post originally appeared on The New York Jewish Week on August 15, 2016

By Amy Sara Clark 

Hipsters, Modern Orthodox transplants and a growing progressive wing within Chabad are redefining both sides of Eastern Parkway.

Repair the World which partners with community organizations to provide Jews with the chance to volunteer in the areas of food justice and education, chose to open in Crown Heights because it is both an area “where service is needed” and also one that was attracting a large population of millennial Jews.

“It was already very obvious that as young people were getting out of Park Slope and even Prospect Heights, they were moving to Crown Heights. And we knew there were not a lot of resources there for non-chasidic Jews,” said Cindy Greenberg Repair the World’s NYC director. The storefront location is “also meant to be a hub for Jewish innovation in the neighborhood,” and hosts a bevy of other Jewish and non-Jewish groups.

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