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Feb. 13, 2018

Who’s Next: Philanthropy; 17 people invested in making Pittsburgh a better place

This article originally appeared in The Incline on February 13, 2018.

By Rossilynne Culgan

For some people, helping others is their life’s mission. Every day, these 17 Pittsburghers work to make Pittsburgh better — both in the office and after work. From grant writers to development officers, volunteers to funders, these young people are molding Pittsburgh today and for the future.

The title of the organization he leads is more than just a name, it’s a mission. Repair the World strives to make meaningful service a defining element of American Jewish life by mobilizing young volunteers to tackle local needs each year and help transform neighborhoods, cities, and lives. In his role as executive director in Pittsburgh, Block has led five cohorts of fellows from across the country, focusing on food and education realms.

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