Together We Can Thrive In The Future but We Must Act Now

We’re thrilled to highlight Repair the World Detroit’s service partner N.E.W. L.E.A.F. Detroit

We at NEW LEAF serve our communities by providing free environmental and natural wellness education to BIPOC communities. We do this to encourage people to be more active in their healthcare as well as be stewards of our environment. We do this work because climate change is happening right now and we as a species must adapt to environmental changes. We can only do that if our communities are strong and knowledgeable. Our framework is community based and encourages all to work together for a healthy ecosystem that acknowledges that we humans and our well-being are a part of that system. Together we can thrive in the future, but we must act now.

By L’Oreal Williams Executive Director N.E.W. L.E.A.F. Detroit

To donate or volunteer to support N.EW. L.E.A.F. Detroit’s work here!

About the Series

This #BlackHistoryMonth Repair the World is highlighting Black-led orgs, service partners who are advancing and centering Diversity Equity and Inclusion work and prioritizing BIPOC leadership in their orgs, and Black Community Leaders that we serve with across our communities. Our impact would not be possible without them. Our Jewish values of solidarity, achdoot, and strengthening each other, hitchazkut, remind us that nothing is possible without meaningful relationships. Our partners and colleagues are critical to our ability to understand and act thoughtfully. When we lift up, celebrate, and appreciate others, we ultimately work towards a stronger outcome.