Youth Who Have Suffered Trauma Can Be Future Leaders

We’re so excited to highlight the work of Repair the World Chicago’s local partner UCAN.

What compels me to the do the work I do at UCAN as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator serving youth and families and staff is seeking ways for all of us to learn about ourselves and others so we can live in a more equitable and just society where people’s needs are met and they can thrive. When I think about UCAN’s vision that “youth who have suffered trauma can be our future leaders,” I was once one of those young people who had a plethora of mentors who supported me, challenged me, and exposed me to a variety of opportunities that I continue to build on to this day. The importance of having caring adults outside of your family is critical to your development as a young person and a young adult.

By Bianca Cotton DEI Coordinator at UCAN

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About the Series

This #BlackHistoryMonth Repair the World is highlighting Black-led orgs, service partners who are advancing and centering Diversity Equity and Inclusion work and prioritizing BIPOC leadership in their orgs, and Black Community Leaders that we serve with across our communities. Our impact would not be possible without them. Our Jewish values of solidarity, achdoot, and strengthening each other, hitchazkut, remind us that nothing is possible without meaningful relationships. Our partners and colleagues are critical to our ability to understand and act thoughtfully. When we lift up, celebrate, and appreciate others, we ultimately work towards a stronger outcome.