Act Now

Listen, learn, and act

This Martin Luther King Day gather your best friends, your fiercest allies and family members ready to take on racial and social justice. It’s not just about the conversations tonight, but about what we’re going to do tomorrow.


Act Now and have open and honest conversations about racial and social justice. These conversations around your table today are just the seeds; talk about how you will nurture them to life.


When the world seems chaotic, we turn to a dinner table with friends to talk it out. Now, talk it out AND take action by turning the tables on racial injustice.

Dine Differently

Repair the World

Transform Your Table

Start a conversation about racial justice and take action – all while sitting around your table.

Gain access to our table guides filled with tips on how to have respectful conversations and resources that allow you to bite into the issues we are facing today.



As we honor the unending work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we join the fight, amplify work that is being done, and help move us towards repairing the world. We Act Now in solidarity to upend white supremacy and racial injustice. Will you Act Now?


Use these discussion guides to root your discussion of racial justice in Jewish values and foster a brave space for people to meaningfully engage with each other’s experiences and ideas.

Jewish Perspectives on Racial Justice

Racism continues today systemically and interpersonally. We must address it as part of an multiracial, multiethnic Jewish community.

Failing at Literacy

As we delve into the nuances of education and early literacy, think about the different opportunities that literacy has made accessible to you.

Food Justice Through Generous Listening

Food sovereignty is not just about access to good, healthy food, or about sustainable forms of food production: it is about transforming society.

Guide to Respectful Conversations

Learn how to be respectful in difficult conversations

Racial Justice Glossary

Build a shared language around racial justice

Next Steps Guide

Need to know where to go from here? Check out this list

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, "what are you doing for others?"
—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.