Act Now

What's Your Service Strength?

Tell us what you care about and we’ll unlock your secret service strength this MLK Day.

As a bonus, we’ll match you with an incredible non-profit that is ready for you to volunteer and can guide you towards creating meaningful change. For every person there’s passion, a way to get involved, and a way to make a mark. Let’s find yours today.



As we honor the unending work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we Act Now in solidarity with directly impacted communities to address immediate needs created by institutionalized racism and other intersecting injustices. Will you Act Now?


Want to dive deeper? Use these discussion guides to root your discussion of racial justice in Jewish values and foster a brave space for people to meaningfully engage.

Jewish Perspectives on Racial Justice

Racism continues today systemically and interpersonally. We must address it as part of an multiracial, multiethnic Jewish community.

Praying with My Legs

The legacy of the Civil Rights movement should inspire us to act now, not to be complacent.

Resources for You to Dive Into This MLK Day

Find our DIY Toolkit as well as a compilation of resources in this one stop shop guide to resources for your MLK Day discussions.

Guide to Respectful Conversations

Learn how to respectfully navigate difficult conversations. Share these community agreements as the foundation for your discussions.

Racial Justice Glossary

Build a shared language around racial justice.

Next Steps Guide

Need to know where to go from here? Check out this list.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, "what are you doing for others?"
—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.