Democracy Ballot

This Democracy Ballot provides a menu of options to expand your civic engagement through service and education in support of free, fair, safe, and accessible elections in 2024 and beyond.

We are proud to partner with A More Perfect Union Jewish Partnership for Democracy to offer this guide, which allows you to easily find your starting point and encourages you to challenge yourself to support elections and democracy, locally and nationally throughout the year.  Drawing inspiration from a Jewish interpretation, midrash, about action and response, we view each action as leading to another, building like a ladder, middah k’neged middah. We invite you to be a part of our Jewish service movement: make your way up the ladder as the election approaches, completing additional tasks or registering for one of our programs. Together, we can grow and strengthen our democracy and communities.

Getting Started

Entry Points and Opportunities to Learn

  • Celebrate Our Civic Holidays

    5 minutes
    for online sharing and education

    • Voter Registration Day

      As many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Help us change that by joining in on the country’s largest single-day voter registration drive and organizing a registration event in your community or online!

    • Voter Education Week

      Give voters the tools, information and confidence they need to cast their ballot by helping them find their polling location, understand their ballot, and make a plan to vote.

    • Vote Early Day

      Most voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day. Vote Early Day makes that process easier by helping all eligible voters understand their voting options while celebrating the act of voting early.

    • Election Hero Day

      Celebrate the election administration teams, poll workers, clerks and other individuals around the country who help ensure voters can cast their ballots securely and successfully.

  • Do a self-training on misinformation

    30-60 minutes

    Complete and online training to understand different types of misinformation and the ways that misinformation can damage democracy.

    Become News Literate with Checkology

  • Vote in the primary election

    15 + minutes
    in person

    Confirm you are registered, and when you vote share a pic with your ‘I voted’ sticker with your network. You can vote in-person, in advance, or by absentee ballot.

    On average, only 40% of voters vote in primaries. Low voter participation in primary elections means that a smaller subset of voters plays an outsized role in shaping our elections and democratic future. Vote in the primaries, and get all your eligible friends to vote too

Service & Action

Support Elections and Democracy

  • Write Letters to Increase Voter Turnout

    15+ minutes
    at home

    As a Vote Forward volunteer, you will send letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy.

    Sign up to receive a toolkit that walks you through everything you need to know to participate. Volunteers will “adopt” voters, write letters, and commit to sticking them in the mail by the listed deadline.

    Register For Your Service Toolkit

  • Become a social media monitor

    30-60 minutes
    online + ongoing time
 for monitoring

    Sign up to do social media monitoring for mis-and dis-information with Common Cause.

    Combat online disinformation: Foreign actors, online trolls, and partisan activists since 2016 have been deploying voter intimidation and misinformation on social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to influence our elections at an increasing, partisan, and strident levels than we have ever seen before.

    Common Cause, with help from our members, is fighting Cyber Suppression.

    Join an online community of civic-minded volunteers

  • Utilize your law degree and/or legal knowledge

    Typically 4 hours per shift + training
    Information on eligibility

    Attorneys and paralegals can join the Election Official Legal Defense Network.

    For attorneys, paralegals, and law students: sign up to serve on the Voter Assistance Hotline.

    You will be fielding questions pertaining to felon disenfranchisement, voter purging, poll worker misconduct, voter machines, accessibility, and more.

Commit to Civic Engagement

Make A Difference In Your Community

  • Serve as a poll worker on election day

    12 hours on election day +
1-2 hours of training before.
    Most municipalities include a stipend for your service

    Poll workers support voting locations, ensure technology functions, and help minimize long lines and delays at polling places on election day—and poll worker shortages can lead to long lines and voter disenfranchisement, especially in communities of color and low income communities.

    Repair the World is proud to partner with Power the Polls, a first-of-its-kind nonpartisan initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters.

    Power the Polls in Your Community

  • Apply to be a Civic Influencer

    10-14 week term
    Includes $500 stipend

    Activate your civic power through organizing, learning, and civic engagement. Be part of a national movement that stands up for our youth voting rights and lift up the voices of your neighbors. Help change the systems that have intentionally left people out of the democratic process. Use real-time data to draw attention to democracy power outages on college campuses and in your local community. Receive training to support youth voting rights and the policies that affect your region.

    Become A Civic Influencer

  • Volunteer for a ballot initiative

    5-25 hours
    over election season

    You can serve on a ballot initiative campaign, collect signatures for a measure, support ‘Get Out The Vote’ initiatives, and learn about how policies affects your community.

    Learn more about the candidates and issues in your community