School Supplies for Education Equity

Join us in packing, collecting, and distributing school supplies to students in need across the country!

Students who arrive in the classroom with all requested materials perform 54% better than their peers who are lacking basic supplies.

Communities In Schools; 2019-2020 study

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The National Center for Children in Poverty estimates that more than 16 million children are living in poverty in the United States. Those children live in households struggling to afford basic necessities, including school supplies, which are not provided by local, state or federal agencies.
By serving our communities we were only able to support a small fraction of the national need, and yet there will be an immeasurable difference for those students who can start their school year with the supplies they need.

This guide offers a series of quotes, texts, and questions framed around different aspects of education, resource access and communal responsibility from multiple perspectives to challenge you to experience the elu v’leu, both and perspective, value firsthand.

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These two timelines provide context on how we ended up in our current education system looking at key dates and legislations from secular and Jewish perspectives.

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Repair the World is excited to be able to share the following interviews and conversations about the American education system. Each episode explores a different topic within the realm of education reform and holds space for you, the listener, to question your role in increasing access to a more equitable education system.

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Use this suggested list, created in partnership with Supplies for Success, when packing your own backpacks for distribution in your community.

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Volunteers from Repair the World Los Angeles and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles pack backpacks at a program this past July

93% of public school teachers spend their own money on school supplies without reimbursement, and on average, teachers spend $479 on items for their classrooms.

National Center for Education Statistics

Our National Supplier

We are honored to partner with Supplies for Success, a non-profit supplier, whose mission is to ensure that children start school with the tools needed to succeed. Supplies for Success provides backpacks filled with age-appropriate school supplies before the first day of school, so that students can start the year feeling confident, aligned with their peers, and prepared to learn. They also distribute art-filled CareKits for young learners and aspiring artists.

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