Thanksgiving: A Season of Food Access

In November 2023, Repair the World and our partners;

  • Distributed 8,870 lbs of food
  • Harvested 452 lbs of produce
  • Generated 210 lbs of compost
  • Prepared or served 14,721 meals
  • Provided 289 people with SNAP benefits information

 Utilizing the value of hitchazkut, strengthening each other, we can help our neighbors who are hungry every day!

44 million people, including 12 million children in the United States are food insecure

USDA Survey on Food Security

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The USDA indicates that 13.8% of households are experiencing food insecurity today, not knowing when or how they will access their next fresh, nutritious meal. By showing up to serve our communities with food resources, we are able to impact our communities in immeasurable ways.

Our national service partner Food Rescue US has a network of 42 locations across 24 states, where individuals and organizations provide resources for food insecure families and their community.

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This guide was created for reflection & learning on National Day of Jewish Service. It offers intention setting, issue area education, a Jewish lens, and framing for service in support of food access.

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About 23.5 million people in America live in food deserts and 2.1 million people in this category don’t have a car or access to public transportation.

USDA Survey on Food Security

Our National Service Partner

We are honored to partner with Food Rescue US, a non profit that is dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste (keeping food out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gasses). They engage volunteers and food donors through their web-based app to directly transfer nutritious excess food to social service agencies serving the food insecure.

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