As we reflect on the past year, we think about the changes we wish to see in the new one. Volunteering, done right, moves us towards repairing the world. How will you act now with your friends, neighbors, and across diverse communities?


Each year, we gather around the seder table to retell the story of the Exodus to reflect on an ongoing journey to freedom, and to connect past to present – from servitude to service. This year, as we reflect on what freedom means as a multiethnic, multiracial Jewish community, we will serve up new conversations at our tables and dedicate a moment in our seders to go from memory to action. #MySederServes

Check out our resources, haggadah inserts, and additions to your table to spark #MySederServes conversations at your seder. And, in the spirit of your seder, join us to turn your conversations around service into action for and with your community: volunteer.

Haggadah Insert: The Four People

The Haggadah speaks about four sons; one wise, one evil, one innocent, and one who doesn’t know to ask. This insert, created in partnership with Jewish Multiracial Network, re-imagines the text as four people on different parts of their racial justice journey and serves as a powerful conversation starter to contextualize what it means to pursue equity in today’s world.

Image of Passover and Food Justice resource

Passover and Food Justice

Ha Lachma Anya (“this is the bread of affliction”) is the first passage from the magid section of the Passover haggadah. Open up your own discussion around food justice using this text and guide, created in partnership with Hazon.

Haggadah insert: Avadim Hayinu

Haggadah Insert: Avadim Hayinu – We Were Slaves

Every year at Passover, we remember the story of Exodus. Created in partnership with Be’chol Lashon, this Avadim Hayinu (“we were slaves”) insert offers a modern take for the storytelling section of the Passover seder.

Passover trivia place cards

Trivia Place Cards

Welcome your guests to their seats with these trivia place cards, created in partnership with Be’chol Lashon, and celebrate Passover rituals from diverse Jewish communities around the world.

Passover Pyramid Cutout

On Passover, we ask ourselves, "What makes this night different from all other nights?" Four Jewish racial justice leaders shared their answers. Assemble it as a pyramid for your Passover table and ask your guests to read their powerful answers.

Image of Passover, Service, and Racial Justice resource

Moving from Debt to Freedom | Service Learning

Connect the part of Exodus on indentured servitude to the modern criminal justice system in the United States, where court-related fees disproportionately trap people of color between debt and mass incarceration.

In addition to the resources on this page, be sure to check out resources from our partners this Passover.

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