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During Passover, we gather around the seder table to retell the story of Exodus, to reflect on an ongoing journey to freedom, and to connect past to present – from servitude to service. For the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we celebrate the season, and asked that we shift our seder table and the stories we tell to safer, virtual spaces. 

As we begin to show up and gather together in community once more, and as we reflect on the past year, we think about the changes we wish to see in the new one. This Passover, how will you support those around you in our rapidly changing landscape?


A highlight of the Passover seder is maggid; telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Questions are our springboard to explore how this night is different from all other nights. Check out our resources, haggadah inserts, and additions to your table to spark meaningful questions and conversations at your seder.

Haggadah Insert: Liberation, "All who are hungry, come eat" and "Next year in Jerusalem"

Connecting these themes from traditional passover texts to current justice frameworks with virtual service programs you can join from anywhere in the country.

Additional Passover Resources

These downloadable guides from previous Passover celebrations offer alternative ways to engage with the rituals of the holiday, through a lens of service and justice.