2,400 Eggs and a Growing Service Movement

Repair CEO Cindy Greenberg Volunteering

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a City Council member asked the Jewish community in Brooklyn to help source food for people displaced by the storm. My team and I put out a call for a few dozen eggs … and before the end of the day, the community had donated 2,400! 

Fueled by the sustained generosity of the community, my team and I went on to feed countless people, distribute medical supplies, coordinate legal assistance, and dispatch hundreds of volunteers each day.

This experience opened my eyes to the power of community to address inequity. I embraced the Jewish value of achdoot, or solidarity: the obligation and opportunity each of us has to care for neighbors in crisis. This moment eventually led me to Repair the World.

Today, I’m humbled to lead a growing Jewish service movement — growth that you’re fueling. You made it possible for Repair volunteers to live out their Jewish values through meaningful service, build capacity for our nonprofit partners, and address inequity. And, together, we completed more acts of service and learning than ever (100,273!) this past year and received incredible funding that validates our efforts and powers an even bigger impact.

Over Hanukkah, Repair will share more stories reflecting on our commitment to serving in pursuit of a just world, stories of moving from a moment of service to the service movement. And we’ll ask you to renew your commitment in a way that’s meaningful to you. Just as the light of the menorah grows brighter with each candle that’s lit, our movement grows more impactful with each volunteer who shows up and with each gift that propels our work forward.

For now, I invite you to reflect on the part you play in the service movement: What made you realize service wasn’t just a way to spend a Sunday, but rather an essential part of who you are? When you’re ready, share your personal #MomentToMovement story with me. 

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Yours in service,

Cindy Greenberg (she/her)

President & CEO